My name is Kaela Steeley and I’m a full time wife, mom, baker, blogger, and student while working outside the home as well.

My family is small, but perfect. Consisting of my husband Jayson, and daughter IMG_3711Emerson, they truly are the light of my life! You can ask anyone, and although i’m a working mom, I’ve never been career driven, I could take it or leave it. What drives me in this life, what gives me a reason to wake up every morning is my ever loving, strong husband and my precious baby girl.

This blog is for my hobby, therapy and most fulfilling activity, Baking. Nothing makes me happier than seeing perfect chocolate chip cookies come out of the oven and my family and friends enjoying them. I plan to share devotional thoughts, trials and learning opportunity as a wife, parenting thoughts and last but not least…recipes. Endless amounts of delicious, sugary sweet, recipes.